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musicwalls : Intruduction

MusicWalls - we make video together!

Version 1.7.4 released (2015-11-19), Supporting IOS 9 and Youtube API V3

new feature for 2+ videos for multiple-person movie dubbing

For Free version, the video relay module will appear inside 'My voice' menu, then you click '+' icon in up right corner to add new topic

Also video relay module require each user has dropbox account linked in application, if you don't link dropbox account, the 'post' button won't show.

About topic posting, currently you cannot switch to other application or enter sleep mode while the posting is in process.

iTunes application


Abort 2+ video

Generate a video with more than two persons contribution, typical usage is movie dubbing, drama

2+ topic tutorial - Create Topic Data

2+ topic tutorial - Create 2+ Topic

2+ topic tutorial - Join 2+ Topic

2+ topic tutorial - Merge final video

Video decoration


Abort video relay

Each contributor upload small video(or image + audio), then merge a big video based on the material, will be used for birthday or anniversary celebration

Video relay

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