Video Extracting - extract video segment from big video

1. Click the "Extract" button

2. The control in rectangle you must fill to create new extrac--em, "Start Seconds" is video start seconds to extract; "Length" is the seconds to extract; "Caption" is how many seconds the caption text would appear; "Caption Middle" is default, otherwise caption will locate in bottom; "Seprate" is default, which represent seperate caption video frame, otherwise, caption will appear inside extracted video; "Image" botton is for you to upload a image to be part of caption (will resize to 256x256 pixels), now you can click "New" button

3. Create extrac--em and click "Apply", you can see one extrac--em is created in red trangle, you can create multiple extrac--ems to extract multiple segments from original video

4. Wait for video extraction finished

Video Caption - add caption to video

1. Click the "Decorate" button

2. Create caption items, "Start Seconds" is when caption would appear, "Last Seconds" is how long caption would last, "CAPTION" is caption text, "MIDDLE" is default location, otherwise bottom, "Image" button if for adding a image as part of caption, will be resize to 256x256; In sample image, I created two caption items

3. Click apply button and wait for caption-adding finished

Play & Record - Add voice-over to video

Click "Play & Record" button

When video is playing, you speak as your wish, you voice would be recorded

If you finish you recording, you can puase video playing, following dialog would appear, choose "Save"

Another dialog would popup, ask if you want your recorded voice to merge with video, click "Yes"

Waiting for merging is done

Shrinking video to make it smaller

Click the "Shrink" button